North Adventure in Alta

Postcards from Alta: Let’s Take the Bus

Traveling through Scandinavia by bus is possible, and it is especially popular in the summer. Many people travel here by tour coach, but not everyone. A fair number of people arrive in Alta planning to hop from place to place in northern Norway on public buses.Bus in arctic Norway

There are buses that run throughout Northern Norway, and most of the larger towns (“large” being “more than a thousand or so people” – this is Finnmark County!!!) have one or more local routes that serve at least part of the surrounding area.

BUT… if you think that the buses here run like a big city down south then this video is for you! You just won’t find coaches driving back and forth to and from all corners of the map every 10-15 minutes.

“Postcards from Alta” is a brand new video series that Jon is building. It covers topics about life, tourism and travel up here at (almost) the top of the world. In this episode, “Let’s Take the Bus”, you will learn more about the transportation network here, and what to expect. It’s not a detailed guide – it’s just a postcard! Get in touch with us if you have questions that are not answered here!  (You can reach Jon directly if you like at

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