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Henriette Bismo Eilertsen

Henriette Bismo Eilertsen

General Manager

Company management, Alta cruise project, new tourism initiatives... and everything else

Henriette is the manager of North Adventure, responsible for the operation of the company. Since she has the energy of a hurricane, she also manages and provides sales support for the cruise project in Alta, bringing ships into town and arranging for tours and shore services. In addition, she spends a fair amount of time working on other projects and sales efforts that help to raise Alta's visibility to tourists and bring more of them to the area. She has been in the tourism industry since 2001 in Alta, most recently taking over North Adventure in 2010. She speaks Norwegian and English.

Contact:     +47 90 19 27 76     and

Jon Matte

Jon Matte

"Office Potato"

FIT sales and relationship management, software, web sites, social media, guiding, whatever else

Jon began working for North Adventure in 2014. As the company's "potato", he spends his time doing some of everything. His primary responsibility is relationship management with tour agents, FIT sales and product development, and acting as the contact point in Alta for press and PR tours. He also writes web sites and helpful pieces of software to improve work flow, solves Excel problems, translates documents, does a little bit of tour guiding, works with cruise ships, and sometimes stares aimlessly out at the beautiful sky while pretending to be VERY busy. An expatriate American, he speaks reasonably good English and bravely pretends to speak Norwegian.

Contact:     +47 99 49 27 76     and

Marianne Knutsen

Marianne Knutsen

Manager, FIT and Group Sales

FIT and group tour sales, tourist information, social media, souvenir shop sales

Marianne Knutsen joined North Adventure in early 2015. After setting up a top-rated tourist information office and outstanding souvenir shop, she has shifted her main focus to group and individual tour sales. She packages and manages tours for people from around the world, working to find just the right activities for each guest and then making sure that everything goes according to plan. She also manages our social media accounts and consistently makes us look good on Facebook and Instagram (and is way better than the rest of us at convincing visitors to leave TripAdvisor reviews). She speaks Norwegian and English.

Contact:     +47 97 58 77 76     and

Tanja Handke

Tanja Handke

Accounting and Special Projects

Invoicing and bookkeeping, special projects

Tanja Handke has been with North Adventure since 2008 and has deep experience with all parts of company operations from cruise and individual tours to accounting and other processes. She is currently working on special projects part-time, and also covers some of the invoicing tasks for the company. She is originally from Germany and moved to Alta with her family in 2004. She speaks German, Norwegian and English.

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North Adventure Business Office

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