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Local Guides, Local Knowledge

A knowledgeable and engaging guide can transform any tour into a delightful experience of discovery. North Adventure provides guide services for a variety of circumstances, such as:

  • Guiding for private tours in the area (city tours, museum tours, sightseeing around Alta and Finnmark County)
  • Bus guiding for any size group. We can arrange the transport, or you can hire a guide to join your bus when it arrives in Alta.
  • Tour leaders/guides for longer tours, like a day trip to North Cape or a three or four day journey around Finnmark County.
  • Private transfers between locations in Alta (airport to hotel, for example), or between cities (Alta to Honningsvåg, Karasjok, Tromsø and more)
  • Airport "meet and greet" services for a travel group or just one person. VIP service without a VIP price!

We find and train students and local residents to be fun and informative tour guides. Nobody reads from a script. No tedious "...and on your left blah blah..." speeches that nobody cares about. We bring the tour to life with insights and stories that help guests connect to the area and its people.

Along with their expert knowledge, our guides speak a variety of languages. Some learned their extra languages at university. For others, their English or German or Spanish, Russian, Finnish, Mandarin... you get the idea... are their native tongues.

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