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Tour Packages for Purchase or for Inspiration

(Please excuse the construction! Our web site is in the process of changing, and we will have a much better package page coming soon. The packages themselves are ready to view!)

If you are looking for a complete tour package (minus the airfare - you need to handle that yourself), you are in the right place. We have several different tour packages for different travel styles and budgets - just take a look at the list on this page. If you see just what you want, great! Contact us and we can give you prices, check availability and reserve your place.

And if you see something that is nearly what you want, or a particular package gives you a great idea for a different kind of tour, that's also great. At North Adventure, every tour is a custom tour, even the ones that are designed beforehand, so it's no problem at all for us to create a unique tour just for you. We can even arrange tours that include multiple destinations (Alta and Tromsø, for example, or a tour around towns in Finnmark County like Hammerfest, Honningsvåg and Kirkenes).

Winter Tours

AIP001: Exploring the Arctic at a Slower Pace

7 days, 6 nights
This itinerary gives you several days in the area, but you have fewer tours than we normally include. This gives you time each day to just relax and enjoy the slower pace of the arctic – it’s a good mix for people who want a slow-it-down vacation.

AIP003: Short Trip in Alta

4 days, 3 nights
This tour packs a lot of activity into a short time, from the northern lights hunt on the evening you arrive to the delightful dinner with local flavors on the evening before you depart, but we’ve given you some time in the middle to explore Alta on your own as well.

AIP009: Arctic Weekend Getaway

3 days, 2 nights
Sneak out of town for a quick weekend! This tour packs a lot of fun into a short time. You’ll get a chance to hunt for the northern lights, make some new four-legged friends, and end the weekend with a delightful local dinner. You’ll come home with special memories, even after just a weekend tour.

AIP010: Weekend Snowmobiles to Mt. Haldde

3 days, 2 nights
This tour provides you with a rare winter opportunity! Normally restricted to snowmobiles (and very challenging to reach on foot in winter), this tour gives you the chance to take snowmobiles nearly 1000 meters over sea level to the top of Mt. Haldde and the historical Northern Lights Observatory there.

AIP019: Tromsø and Alta Together

6 days, 5 nights
Tromsø, “Paris of the North” and Alta, “The City of the Northern Lights” – two delightful places to visit, for very different reasons! On this tour, you’ll arrive in Tromsø and explore the city and its rugged, coastal surroundings. Then it’s off to the innermost corner of Alta Fjord, where you will spend time in Alta, a modern but rugged town on the edge of a wild, arctic frontier.

AIP021: Active Winter in Alta

5 days, 4 nights
You’ll spend much of your time as an active participant in outdoor activities. Nothing extreme – you don’t need to be a mountain climber or marathon runner! – but a little less of the “sit and see” type of tour.

AIP022: Discover Northernmost Norway

6 days, 5 nights
On this itinerary, you’ll blend sightseeing and participating together, sometimes trekking out into the wilderness, and other times discovering the coast and interior of this rugged and beautiful land at a slower and more relaxing pace.

AIP023: Alta and the North Cape

7 days, 6 nights
You will go even deeper into the local culture than usual. Private and small group tours will provide you uncommon local insights into the region. You’ll have activities that bring you close to nature and the people of the north without pushing you too hard. You’ll even join the brave few who venture up to North Cape in the winter!

AIP033 (Finnmarksløpet!): See the Start in Alta

4 days, 3 nights
Finnmarksløpet is the longest sled-dog race in Europe - 2nd longest in the whole world, and it starts and finishes in Alta every year! This shorter package will give you a great opportunity to be a part of the excitement and see the start of the race. Book early - the town will be completely full well before the 11th of March.

AIP049 (Finnmarksløpet!): See the Start in Alta, Extended Version

6 days, 5 nights
Finnmarksløpet is the longest sled-dog race in Europe - 2nd longest in the whole world, and it starts and finishes in Alta every year. The longer package here gives you more time in Alta to get in the spirit of arctic life as you follow the buildup to the exciting start. Book early - the town will be completely full well before the 11th of March.

Summer Tours

AIP020: Summer in Finnmark

6 days, 5 nights
On this tour, you’ll get a balanced sampling of activity and sightseeing as you see the countryside around Alta and then take some time to explore other destinations like North Cape, a half-day’s journey to the northern edge of the country.