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Leave the loud and busy world behind and come to Alta, Norway, where adventure and natural peace go hand in hand. Whatever kind of holiday you’re looking for, we can help you make it a reality!

Play Hard...

Dogsleds and snowmobiles. Snowshoes and fatbikes. Kayaks and canoes and fishing boats. Trails for hikes and mountain bikes.

No matter what your physical condition and preferences, we can tailor an experience for you that matches what you need. Feel the thrill of arctic activity whether your comfort zone uses words like “extreme” or “armchair”!

Photo by Ola Bromseth

...or slow down

Lose yourself in the flames of a fire in a Sami tent. Hold a nighttime vigil in search of the Northern Lights. Hike to a mountaintop, all alone, and gaze out at the midnight sun.

Leave the busy, crowded world behind. Join us for private tours that give you the space to discover the arctic at your own pace. Stay in peaceful accommodation out where crowds never go.

A Sample of What's Happening NOW (...or very soon)

Our tour catalog is still available during the current COVID-19 uncertainty.

If you can travel here, we have tours!  Please contact us to check on the current state of travel to Alta.

AI53: Puppy Tour Along the Alta River

Come spend time at a husky farm.  Meet the dogs, chat over coffee and cake with your hosts about dogsled racing, and take a selection of eager, happy puppies out for a walk to the Alta River.

Prices from NOK 450 per person

AI146: Hike up Mt. Haldde to the Northern Lights Observatory With a Husky (904 m above sea level!)

Hike with GLØD Explorer up to the top of Mt. Haldde, home of the historic Northern Lights Observatory built in 1899. This day trip will take you up to one of the tallest nearby mountain peaks – a little history, a lot of exercise, and great views of the entire region.

Prices from NOK 1700 per person

AI55: Overnight Hike with the Huskies

Hike into the nearby wilderness with husky dog companions (outfitted with special packs for them to carry supplies). Hike to a mountaintop, or do some river fishing, take pictures or just enjoy the wild nature around you. Spend the night in a tent, and then head back to the husky farm the next day.

Prices from NOK 3500 per person

AIS05: Private Tour, Kåfjord and the Tirpitz

Travel through Alta and around the fjord to the town of Kåfjord with your personal guide and a private car. Learn about the impact of World War II on the area as you go. See old and new together as you look over deep bomb craters toward the new Kåfjord bridge. Visit the Tirpitz museum, with many artifacts from the big battleship that was anchored here, and then hike around the water’s edge to find old defense buildings amid the beautiful scenery.

Prices from NOK 1950 per person

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Winter or summer, on a tour or just out in nature,
Alta is the place you will remember long after you are home again!

Come to
the Middle
of Nowhere

Alta is one of the most un-touristy tourist destinations you can find

No hour-long lines of people waiting for their “Instagram Moment”. No parking lots packed with tour buses. No jaded attractions worn out by millions of visitors. Here in Alta you will find activities hosted by people who love what they do, and want to share that passion with visitors.

We Love What We Do!

This isn't just a job for us... at North Adventure, helping to bring you here for a holiday is something we thrive on.

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