North adventure

Why Work With Us?

What Actually IS North Adventure?

We are an “incoming agency”, which means our focus is on bringing people into our destinations – we are not a travel agency that sends people out of the region on holidays. We supply holidays only for regions that we know very well, and right now we are solely focused on Norway’s northernmost county, Troms and Finnmark (the town of Alta, where we live and work, is located in that county).

Up here in Finnmark (the county merged with Troms recently but it’s still “Finnmark” to us), we know what is going on, who is doing well, who is having trouble, and what is going on day by day with the weather and other natural conditions. “Local experts” isn’t a boast – it’s a natural extension of our work.

I Don't Need Help With Planning

Some people don’t! But… there is a lot more to “planning” than booking tours and a hotel online. For example, take a look at a few things we often hear from self-planners:

  • March is the best time to see the Northern Lights.
  • We’re going to take a day trip to North Cape and then fly home the next day.
  • These two dogsled companies are running the same tour, so we just picked the cheaper one.
  • We’re going to rent a car in Tromsø, drive it through Norway to Finland and then leave it there when we fly back.
Does that all sound ok? For us, each one of those statements holds a possible misunderstanding at the very least, and at worst indicates a big risk of something going wrong. (We won’t go into a big discussion here, but to show you what we mean… March ISN’T the best month for the Northern Lights. We have a video on YouTube that explains why – take a look)

So What Exactly Do You Help With?

We work with you to get clues about what would make your holiday just right. What is most important? What do you NOT like? How active do you want to be? What kind of budget do you have? And then…

  • We combine our knowledge of the region and the suppliers, and your wishes, and build a holiday that fits just right. Yes, this is a custom package just for you.
  • You pay us for everything, and we handle all the local bookkeeping.
  • During your holiday, we are right here to help out – with questions, problems, or extra things you might want to do or add. We don’t have a “customer service center” – if something is wrong, we’re just a phone call and a few minutes away.
  • We check in with you now and then when you are in town, just to make sure everything is going as expected. And even though you might not realize, we frequently contact suppliers both before and after tours to make sure things are working properly.

You Must Really Be Expensive!

If you think so, that’s good! It means that our services sound valuable and personal, and we pride ourselves on being exactly that.

But as for expensive, not really. If you just want us to book activities that you are choosing, then you don’t actually pay more to work through us instead of going direct to each supplier. And if we are building you a complete package, then we keep our overhead reasonable. We can’t work for free, but we don’t need to squeeze you for every krone you have in your budget. Our goal is to have everyone involved feel fairly treated – we and the suppliers get paid what we need to do the job, and you the traveler feel like you were well cared for and had a delightful holiday.

And overall, we feel strongly that we are worth the little extra you will pay. Your holiday will be better organized and optimized for the Alta area; and if something goes wrong, is it ever worth that “insurance premium” to make a phone call and hear a quick explanation or, “I’ll get this fixed for you” instead of sitting in frustration trying to figure out who to contact as the clock is ticking away.

Ok. If I want your help, what should I do?

For holiday planning, it is probably easiest to complete our quick survey that will give us an idea of what you are hoping to do in the region. When you send that to us, we will look it over, ask more questions if we need to, and then give you a suggestion for a holiday package. Then it’s just a matter of fine-tuning it with you so it is just right.

If you have something unusual that you want to organize (a travel group… a film crew that needs special local resources… a week-long private tour all over Finnmark to see special sites… you name it!), then it’s probably best to just skip the survey and contact us directly.

Just want us to book a northern lights tour and a dogsled ride for next winter? Of course we’ll do that, too!

Whatever you need, we hope to hear from you soon!