Postcards From Alta: Why Alta?

All year, every year, people head out for holidays around the world. Some of these travelers come to Norway, but most of them visit the same few places. Yes, the southern fjords are gorgeous (and popular), and yes, Lofoten is fabulous (and full of people). Everyone wants to visit these destinations – and with good reason! 

But ironically, much of the basis for their popularity came before they were popular. Those lucky enough to stand atop Pulpit Rock, alone except for the wind, was a magical experience. Now, during the peak seasons you might be up there with 50-100 other travelers, and that doesn’t count the ones roosting on nearby outcroppings waiting for you to leave. It’s just not the same as it once was.

Don’t despair! It doesn’t take much to discover some hidden gems that the crowds haven’t found yet. Are you willing to take a chance and let your feet wander off the well-beaten path?

If you are ready, then come and be with us here in the north! Alta is a full-service travel destination, and it’s also delightfully unspoiled and un-touristy. Take a look at our latest video and see all the things you can do here in the wild arctic world.

The video is a little long, yes. I got carried away – sorry about that! Think of it as a way to practice for a visit here. Life moves slower in the far north. You don’t have to rush to the next thing. Grab something hot or cold to drink, lean back in your chair and take a little time off to dream about a wilderness holiday. Who knows… maybe your dream will soon become a reality!

If you are really inspired, take a look at some of the other videos we have showcased here. A bike ride to the Alta Canyon is one of my favorites. I also really like this one that shows life in Alta through the eyes of a pair of high school students.

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