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There’s a whole new industry out there: travel blogging. People travel from place to place, writing on their blog about their experiences, sharing photos and tweets and stories on social media, and giving travelers-to-be and traveler-wannabe’s alike a glimpse into the wonderful world around us.

Now and then, some of them even come through Alta. Whether they arrive as part of a prearranged tour or by their own planning, we often meet them either through North Adventure by request, or when they drop into the tourist office next to us, here. Sometimes, they simply go on tours and then depart town; but now and then we get some time together, to explore a little or just chat.

In February, Amanda Williams of the blog “A Dangerous Business” came to Alta along with Marie-Eve Vallieres of “To Europe & Beyond” as part of a Northern Norway tour. Though the weather was not always so great – this is the arctic, after all – they were good sports and had fun. They also said some very nice things about Alta and Tromsø; and even though that’s not a surprise to us, we were pleased that they were glad they came.

And no, the “dangerous business” blog name isn’t because Amanda is a person hell-bent on destruction. It’s a quote from Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” story (for those of you keeping score, Bilbo told Frodo that traveling is a dangerous business because you never know where you’ll end up).

More than just the articles about northern Norway and Alta, which you should read anyway:

the blog itself is very entertaining. Good pictures, entertaining stories, and a wide variety of topics and destinations. You should go read it!

Also… remember our last blog post about finding 4-star experiences around Alta in unexpected places? Yes, of course you do. On the day that I was out with Amanda and Marie, we bumped into a number of them. In particular, Amanda was really fascinated by a big frozen waterfall. No signs, no attractions, no admission… just one of a million secrets out here just waiting to be discovered:

From the blog "A Dangerous Business" - ice waterfall near Kåfjord

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