Merry Christmas from North Adventure!

It’s time for our annual holiday picture and Christmas card!  This year’s edition features Christmas hats for all, and Santa earrings for everyone but Jon (who didn’t have time to get his ears pierced before the picture). It briefly stopped snowing in the middle of a 3-day storm so we could get our picture taken, but Tanja didn’t want Jon to get confused by the nice weather so she pelted him with snow to keep him cool and ready to shovel again.

It’s been a fun year with lots of completed projects, lots of new ideas begun, and much to look forward to in the coming year.  We hope the year has been good for you, too, and we hope we get a chance to work with you in 2016.  From all of us – Henriette, Tanja, Jon and Marianne – we wish you the best in this winter holiday season!

Christmas 2015 at North Adventure

North Adventure in November 2015

North AdventureWelcome to North Adventure’s first-ever newsletter delivered by social media!  As our new projects and new team members forge ahead, we are making good progress in several areas. This is the first installment of an ongoing month-in-review series. Those wanting to keep up with our company activity can do so in a periodic nutshell.

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Getting the party started

It’s a funny feeling to start up a new publishing channel.

Alta sits amid stunning scenery, and it’s a really nice place to be.  I’m lucky that I get to live in a part of the world that a lot of people take time and money to visit, and even more people only wish they could come and see.

But for all that it has to offer, Alta isn’t very visible to the rest of the world.  It’s in Norway… ok, I just lost about half the audience right there. For those of you still with me, it’s in NORTHERN Norway… and half the room says, “You mean, like Bergen?”


“Or… Trondheim?”

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