Everyday Arctic Life in Alta

Less than a hundred years ago, movie theater newsreels provided one of the only practical ways people could peer into the everyday life (real or imagined) of other countries. Fifty years ago, television was common but we still needed National Geographic or a news agency to go out with a big crew and do filming.

Now we have GoPro, camera drones, and digital photography and video on everything from phones to glasses. An ordinary PC finally has enough horsepower to do video editing. Everybody can make video and pictures, and almost everybody does, these days.

A beautiful Alta River in winter... everyday happiness
Photo Elisabeth Myrland and Thea Kjelstad

But the funny thing about that, is that normally you get honesty and personal perspective in an improvised and low-quality home movie. Or you get a carefully planned and beautiful movie from somebody who is a professional and not deeply connected to the subject they are filming. That’s why I was so delighted last night when I received this link to a YouTube video.

Two young women here in Alta, Thea Kjelstad and Elisabeth Myrland, made a video as part of a school project. They wanted to show what a nice place Alta was to live in. Using good quality equipment instead of a selfie stick, they looked at the town, the fjord, the mountains… their world… through their own eyes instead of those of a traveler or marketing agency.

Everyday people at Finnmarksløpet
Photo Thea Kjelstad and Elisabeth Myrland

The result is a video that is delightful to watch.  As the scenes roll past, suddenly you feel warm inside. The natural beauty pulls you in; the people they photographed feel like old friends; and by the end you feel like you’ve been invited into somebody’s house. “Hverdagslykke” – everyday happiness – in a video.

Please take a few minutes, slow down and watch the video. And if you like it, please share it with friends, and give these two young filmmakers a boost. I was really glad that I took the time.

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