Getting the party started

It’s a funny feeling to start up a new publishing channel.

Alta sits amid stunning scenery, and it’s a really nice place to be.  I’m lucky that I get to live in a part of the world that a lot of people take time and money to visit, and even more people only wish they could come and see.

But for all that it has to offer, Alta isn’t very visible to the rest of the world.  It’s in Norway… ok, I just lost about half the audience right there. For those of you still with me, it’s in NORTHERN Norway… and half the room says, “You mean, like Bergen?”


“Or… Trondheim?”

Yeah… so we’re on sort of a mission to change all that; “we” being the team here at North Adventure, and an assortment of brave souls in tourism and the local government.  I don’t think Alta will ever become a worn-out, overrun cliche of a tourist destination, but there are plenty of empty seats to fill.

To help with that, we’ve unwrapped some shiny new social media accounts.  We’ve been on Facebook for quite a while, but putting a post on Facebook is like giving advertising flyers to an absent-minded drunk guy and asking him to deliver them around the neighborhood.  You come by later and find that only four houses got flyers and your delivery man is lying in somebody’s front yard, passed out, wearing a paper hat made from some of the flyers and the rest are nowhere to be found.

So we’re going to hand out flyers to SEVERAL absent-minded drunk guys in the hope that at least a few more people will hear about us. This blog is one of our new efforts – we’ll use this to write posts about Alta and our progress at North Adventure, and actually deliver the content to people who want to hear about it.  Posts here may appear in English, Norwegian, or German.

We’ve also got a Twitter account up and running as of this week, at, which most likely Jon will spend his time on because he’s the one who has a million random thoughts and needs to share them with everybody.

Marianne is doing a great job with our Instagram account, which you can follow at NorthAdventureAlta (or go here: LOTS of really nice pictures from Alta and the surrounding countryside.

And then there’s Drunk Dave, our Facebook account, at and we’ll of course keep posting there regularly because, well, why not.

But like I said, it’s a funny feeling to write the very first post for a blog, knowing that it might be days (weeks?) before anybody arrives to read it. It’s a strange thing to start sending out tweets on a Twitter account where your only audience are four people with names that are all variations of, “FollowMeForFavorites” and “HotChat8012”.  Sort of like opening a restaurant right where you are hoping somebody will come build a town really soon.

Uansett… as the Norwegians say… the lights are on, the music is playing, let’s have some fun!

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