North Adventure in November 2015

North AdventureWelcome to North Adventure’s first-ever newsletter delivered by social media!  As our new projects and new team members forge ahead, we are making good progress in several areas. This is the first installment of an ongoing month-in-review series. Those wanting to keep up with our company activity can do so in a periodic nutshell.

So… here are some highlights from November!

Winter 2016 FIT Catalog

North Adventure’s winter catalog this year is bigger than it’s ever been for FIT travelers. We have over 40 individual tours and options to choose from, and as the season progresses we are hoping to add even a few more.  Along with the familiar tours to the Igloo Hotel at Sorrisniva, dogsledding runs and northern lights hunts, there are some fun new entries such as:

We are also putting together some standard packages to make it easier for FIT travelers and tour agents alike to shop for activities. But of course, a package can also be just a starting point for creating a unique itinerary. The packages will appear soon on our web site’s catalog, but if you are specifically looking for packages right now, do get in touch with us (,,, or ring us at +47 78 44 50 50).

Social Media

North Adventure has added new social media channels this month to better communicate with all kinds of clients. Our goal is to attract more customers, of course, but also to increase the awareness of Alta as a great tourist destination. There are so many fun things to do in this often-overlooked gem of a location.

This blog is one of the things that has been long in coming. It provides us with a place to do writing and describing without worrying about the temporary nature of our Facebook feed. We post 3-5 times a week here, and include everything from quick photos to longer articles.  Writing is mostly in English, but you will find some Norwegian and German text as time goes on.

We’ve also added a Twitter feed (@northAdvALTA, or and are gradually building that up to be useful.  We see this as a longer-term tool, so we are patiently, slowly adding our audience.

Our Facebook page is improving as well. We still have some work to do, here, but we are doing better with posting content that people want to see. Now we just need to do MORE.

Marianne is doing a fantastic job with Instagram ( If you use that tool, do follow us for fun and beautiful pictures of life in arctic Norway.

People and Projects

Our team of four continues to come together near the end of our first year of expansion (Jon was added full-time exactly one year ago, and Marianne started in February).

North Adventure's teamHenriette is actively managing the office, and her project list includes cruise ships for 2016, 2017 and beyond; the ARENA project; charter projects; large groups and conferences; and activities to increase Alta’s visibility as a tourist destination.

Tanja divides her time between keeping invoices under control, working with Jon and Marianne on improvements to office operations, creating new packages for both FIT and groups, and sales in both of those areas.

Marianne has created a good array of products for sale in the tourist office. Even in the slower season in between summer and winter, she spends a fair amount of time helping walk-in and telephone customers. She is also doing packaging and sales for FIT and groups, and providing lots of content on Facebook and Instagram for North Adventure, the tourist office and the Visit Alta project. When there is extra time, she translates Jon’s English documents back to Norwegian (finding all the little errors he put in, along the way).

Jon is still in “kontorpotet” (office potato) mode, spending time on new social media projects (this blog and Twitter), web site, the FIT catalog for both summer and winter, FIT sales, and FIT relationship development with tour operators and agencies…

…and really important things like figuring out how to stick a little Christmas hat on our Facebook logo picture. Always do the really important things first.

That’s it for November!  If you would like to get an email when we update our blog so you can keep up with the fun in Alta, just add your email address in the little box to the right of the articles on the blog front page, or send Jon a request at

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