An App for a Tour Guide

I found an interesting review of a phone app by a company called “Stray Boots”:

An app as a tour guide?  Well, maybe… if you don’t have the budget to hire a private guide, or if there’s no guide to be had, it can be a good way to go. It sounds like they do a proper job of making the tours fun and interactive, so that’s a plus. Whatever helps people to be more engaged when they travel, is positive.

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Hey, where’s the color!?

If you want to see the Northern Lights, Alta is a great place to go.  For one thing, there’s dry land to stand on (try standing in the middle of the Arctic Ocean and see how important that suddenly becomes). Our climate is stable, dry and not so cloudy as other areas.  And of course, only Alta has US here in town to keep our fingers crossed for the visitors, and I’m pretty sure that helps a lot, too.

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Getting the party started

It’s a funny feeling to start up a new publishing channel.

Alta sits amid stunning scenery, and it’s a really nice place to be.  I’m lucky that I get to live in a part of the world that a lot of people take time and money to visit, and even more people only wish they could come and see.

But for all that it has to offer, Alta isn’t very visible to the rest of the world.  It’s in Norway… ok, I just lost about half the audience right there. For those of you still with me, it’s in NORTHERN Norway… and half the room says, “You mean, like Bergen?”


“Or… Trondheim?”

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