Sunset in Alta

I came across another magic moment in Alta while poking around on YouTube today. Photographer Yigit Yuksel took this delightful video of a sunset in Alta, down at the water’s edge. By the looks of it, it was taken not too long ago – no snow or ice, and a little less light than we have now.  There are no camera tricks – no stop-frame, no animation – just sunset.

If you live in the area… when was the last time you just sat on a beautiful evening and looked out over the water or towards the mountains for a few peaceful minutes? (And if the answer was “oh, last week I guess” then you get a gold star!).  If it has been a while, or you don’t live in this part of the world, get a cup of something hot, set the video to full screen and just sit for a few minutes. The magic is all around, here, in the eager voice of a husky dog, a snowy forest trail beckoning you and your fatbike, and in the stillness of a springtime sunset. Enjoy!

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