Everyday Arctic Life in Alta

Less than a hundred years ago, movie theater newsreels provided one of the only practical ways people could peer into the everyday life (real or imagined) of other countries. Fifty years ago, television was common but we still needed National Geographic or a news agency to go out with a big crew and do filming.

Now we have GoPro, camera drones, and digital photography and video on everything from phones to glasses. An ordinary PC finally has enough horsepower to do video editing. Everybody can make video and pictures, and almost everybody does, these days. Continue reading “Everyday Arctic Life in Alta”

Sunset in Alta

I came across another magic moment in Alta while poking around on YouTube today. Photographer Yigit Yuksel took this delightful video of a sunset in Alta, down at the water’s edge. By the looks of it, it was taken not too long ago – no snow or ice, and a little less light than we have now.  There are no camera tricks – no stop-frame, no animation – just sunset.

If you live in the area… when was the last time you just sat on a beautiful evening and looked out over the water or towards the mountains for a few peaceful minutes? (And if the answer was “oh, last week I guess” then you get a gold star!).  If it has been a while, or you don’t live in this part of the world, get a cup of something hot, set the video to full screen and just sit for a few minutes. The magic is all around, here, in the eager voice of a husky dog, a snowy forest trail beckoning you and your fatbike, and in the stillness of a springtime sunset. Enjoy!