The Ancient Ruins of Sorrisniva

The Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel is a big attraction here in Alta every year.  Thousands of people come from around the world to see it and walk through its magical halls. Many of them stay the night in the cold-yet-cozy rooms for a unique arctic adventure; a WAY more intense experience than putting on a jacket to visit some ice bar in a downtown metropolis.  There are even a few courageous souls who get married in the ice chapel!Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel in winter glory

The hotel is constructed each winter from fresh snow and ice (you can read more about the igloo hotel in one of our earlier blog posts). Each Spring, once the winter travelers have come and gone, it slowly fades away again, back to the raw nature that gave birth to it a few months before.

And while there are thousands who see the hotel in all its winter glory, there are only a very few – some employees at Sorrisniva and a handful of locals – who are around to watch the hotel melt down to nothing.

I was out at Sorrisniva on Tuesday night as part of a tourism conference (SNOW16 – two days with 185 of one’s closest business colleagues… intense and fun).  In the middle of dinner, I slipped outside on my own and took some pictures of the Igloo Hotel in the fading daylight. I’m no professional photographer, and I was just using my smartphone, but even so the pictures are fascinating.  There is such a resemblance to stone ruins you find around the world, even though they are very modern and even quicker to disappear. Enjoy! Continue reading “The Ancient Ruins of Sorrisniva”