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Give us a basic starting point for your holiday, and we will come up with a package idea for you to look at!

Fill out the short survey below and send it in to us. We will get back to you soon (usually within the next business day) with a suggestion to see what you think.

And don’t worry, if you feel like the survey is missing the point, skip the parts that don’t make sense and explain what you need. We’re a full service company, not the motor vehicle department!

If you need something other than a holiday package, it’s probably better to use our general contact form.

The Fast and Fun Holiday Questionnaire

Do you know when you will travel? If so, give us the dates (they don't have to be exact):
Or... If you are not sure about travel dates, then tell us the approximate duration and season instead:
How physically fit are you?
On this holiday, how busy do you want to be?
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What kind of accommodation fits you best?
Are you comfortable being around husky dogs, reindeer and horses?
A quick note about budget

Why don't we have a question about that here? Because it is simply not useful. Depending on how long you stay, how much you do, how high your standards are, and the kinds of activities you choose, you could pay anywhere between NOK 6000,- and NOK 60000,- per person for a holiday not including air travel (we do not handle airline tickets). If you have a budget set already for your travel, do let us know in the box below. It will not change how we price items, but it can help us choose parts of your holiday package. If you do not have a budget yet, then see what we come up with and we can add or subtract things depending on how it fits your needs.

Tell us who you are and how to get in touch:
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When you submit this form to North Adventure, we will receive identifying data in the form of your name, email address and other things you choose to share with us. We will hold this information only for the purpose of communicating with you about holiday bookings and planning. We will not use this data to search for or track you on other sites or places around the Internet. We will not publish or share this data with other people or companies except as is necessary to complete holiday planning and booking for you. We do keep email and invoice records of our conversations and transactions with you. If you wish for us to delete some or all of this electronic information, send us a written request and we will ensure that we remove your data from electronic networks and media.