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Guides for Tours and Transport

As part of our tourism services, North Adventure trains and maintains a roster of guides for tours and transport throughout Finnmark county. Our guides are perfect if you have a cruise ship or tour bus and want somebody with good local knowledge to make your guests feel welcome, informed and entertained.

But our guides aren’t just for big groups! We are ready and eager to take you out on a city walk, or to the Alta Canyon, or even drive you out on a multi-day tour around Finnmark… even if there is only one of you! Our same guides can also provide meet-and-greet and transfer services, driving guests from “point A to point B” all around the territory.

Why Hire a Guide?

Sure, you can visit the Alta Museum or the Northern Lights Cathedral on your own – you will do just fine, and enjoy your time there. But with a guide, you will discover and uncover so much more about the places that you visit and that will make the experience that much more special and informative.

Inside the cathedral, you will marvel at the towering bronze crucifix, but will you notice and understand all the symbolism that the artist worked into the sculpture, or hear the funny story about its delivery from Italy to Alta? On the way to the Tirpitz Museum, will you know to stop at the shore of the fjord along the way and hike a few meters to find the remains of the giant mooring bollard where the World War 2 battleship was tied to the shore?

Our guides transform tours from “something to do” to “exploring with a friend.”

Are Your Guides Really That Good?

Yes, they are! We have very high standards and an unusual perspective on guiding. Our general manager Henriette is formally educated in guiding and tourism, and has passed on her philosophy to the rest of the company.

Our guides do not simply memorize information and then repeat that information back to you at the right places along the road. Instead, we train our guides to blend facts and information with their own stories and insights. The result is that you actually have conversations, and the tour becomes one of discovery rather than just an information transfer. It’s fun, personal and makes for a very special experience.

Some of our guides are native Norwegians, and some of those are people who have lived in the local area their whole life. Others have come to Alta from other parts of the world, and they see Norway, like you, with “outside eyes” and are great at bridging the cultural gap between the visitors and the natives.

All of our guides, no matter where they come from, receive extensive training in both guiding and important information to relate, so you will get a special experience no matter who is guiding you. And our selection process ensures that every guide we have loves every chance to get out with visitors and show them around.

What Tours Do You Offer With Guiding?

We have a selection of ready-made tours that we offer in our catalog – you can look there for tours in the “Private” category.

But really, the sky is the limit – we can provide group and private guides for almost anything in the region (and in several languages as well).

If you want somebody to take you on a day trip to Hammerfest or Kautokeino, we can do that. If you want to visit all the churches around Alta, we can do that, too. Are you a UNESCO hunter? Why not let one of our guides take you down to the Alta Museum, and then over to the little mountain called Lille Raipas where the other (and less-well-known) UNESCO World Heritage site in Alta lies? Or hire a guide/driver for a week or so to take you around the back roads of Finnmark – “the road less traveled” has never been more fun. We can match whatever needs you have.

If you are going to build a holiday with our help, make sure to tell us you would like some extra attention for some or all of the holiday and we will work that into the package, no problem. If you are doing your own planning and want to arrange for a guide, use our handy contact form and tell us what you would like!