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AI158: Finnmarksvidda by Snowmobile - Discover the Arctic Wilderness

Come along for a snowmobile ride from the outskirts of Alta to the middle of nowhere! Whether you are an expert rider, or this is your first time on a snowmobile, we will take good care of you and show you some incredible sights. The tour starts in downtown Alta, where you dress as needed in a thermal suit and get the proper-sized helmet. Then we drive out to our starting point about a 15-minute drive away, where the snowmobiles are waiting at the trailhead for us. Safety instructions are given, and then you’re off and into the wilderness! Your guides will show you the way and adjust the challenge of the tour to match the experience level of the group. But no matter what, you will find plenty to marvel at, and good photo opportunities at the occasional stops. At the midpoint, you will take a break inside a lavvo, a Sami-style tent, for coffee and conversation. Then it’s back to the trail and back to Alta.

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Dates and Times


15 December - 30 April



Tour Times

09:30 - 12:30

13:00 - 16:00

19:00 - 22:00

More Info

Pickup/drop off from Scandic Hotel Alta (not the entrance towards the cathedral)


1 per scooter

2 per scooter

Children 12/under

NOK 2490

NOK 4690

NOK 1295

Additional Tour Notes

A valid driver’s license is required in order to drive a snowmobile

Tour Includes:

transfer to/from, thermo suit, helmet, hot drinks and snacks