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AIS03: Guided tour of Alta Museum

If you want to see Alta's ancient rock carvings up close and talk with a local expert guide about the carvings, the exhibits in the museum and life in Alta, this is the tour for you.

One of our best guides from North Adventure will meet you in Alta and take you to the edge of town where the Alta Museum sits along the edge of Alta Fjord. You will walk along an outdoor boardwalk to see some of the thousands of rock carvings in the area. The carvings, dating from between 6,000 and 2,000 years ago, show fascinating, fleeting glimpses into the lives of people who lived here after the end of the last ice age. At the end of the outdoor tour, you can choose to continue and see more recently-discovered carvings, or head back up to the Museum to look over the inside exhibits. Your guide can answer questions and tell you about the exhibits, or just let you wander and explore on your own. With time remaining, take a look through the museum's wide selection of souvenirs from the local area, or sit with coffee (and maybe a fresh waffle!) and chat with the guide about life in Alta and Norway. The museum's coffee shop has one of the best views of Alta Fjord, so it's the perfect place to have a relaxing conversation.

The tour includes the entrance to the Alta Museum and a private guided tour of the Alta Museum and rock carvings. There is a moderate amount of walking outdoors along a boardwalk and trail in order to see the rock carvings.

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Dates and Times


01 June - 15 October



Tour Times

No starting times are currently set for this tour.

More Info

2-hour tour during the museum's normal opening hours. Tour is available as long as the snow is gone and the carvings are open for viewing.


Per person

NOK 1700

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Group size 2–8 people. Single guests are welcome but must pay the double rate for the tour. Larger groups are also welcome - contact us for those rates.

Additional Tour Notes

Includes the entrance to Alta Museum and a private guided tour of the Alta Museum and rock carvings.