AI119: Sunset Over Alta Fjord

What does “evening cruise” suggest? A big riverboat, perhaps, packed with people, maybe some music and tables to sit at as you go along a city’s river in darkness?

Well. This is the arctic. It’s different here.

Come join us for an evening cruise out on the dramatic and breathtaking Alta Fjord. No giant boat with three decks – this will be a tour just for you and maybe a few others. You’ll cruise out along the sparkling water under a huge sky, surrounded by low mountains dotted with tiny towns and occasional houses, and Alta off in the distance. As evening descends, the setting sun will light the sky on fire – arctic sunsets are things of majesty. Is it June or July? Then you get the midnight sun casting vibrant colors on the surrounding mountains. A cloudy night? Look for the setting sun to shine dramatic beams down through the clouds onto the gray and challenging water. No matter what you get, it will be an unforgettable experience.

Along the way, there will be food and drink, and as you cruise and wait for the setting sun, you can take refuge from the wind and play fun games with the other guests, or hear stories from the captain about the local area. You will return to shore around midnight, either in the full daylight of midsummer or the gloom of the outer months. You’ll never think about an “evening cruise” the same way again!

The tour includes the boat ride, safety gear, a light meal or snacks, and hot drinks. Transport from and back to Alta is not included in the price, but can be provided for an extra charge. This tour depends on nature’s cooperation, which is sometimes fickle. Please be aware that while the tour will be fun, we cannot guarantee a certain kind of weather or experience.

Dates and Times


15-Apr  to  15-Sep



Tour times:

No starting times are currently available for this tour.


Adults1990 kr
Children 12/under995 kr

Additional Tour Notes

Tour includes the boat trip, light meal or snacks, drinks and safety equipment.

Transport between the boat and downtown Alta is not included, but can be ordered for an extra charge.

Sunsets and specific kinds of weather cannot be guaranteed – the tour will be fun, but every day’s weather will be different.


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