AI03: Ice magic – Visit the unique and one of a kind ice hotel

Visit the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, a fairytale come to life from the surrounding ice and snow. The entire building inside and out – rooms, beds, even the glasses in the bar! – is constructed of local ice and snow from the ground up every year. In the spring, the building will melt completely away again until there’s nothing left but memories and photographs, and the plans for next year’s new design.

Approximately 2,000 square meters in area, the hotel features around 30 bedrooms and suites, and a central lounge, chapel, art gallery and bar. The hotel is decorated with intricate sculptures and wall carvings created by local artists, following a different theme every year (for example, Norwegian fairy tales or Viking kings). You’ll tour the entire hotel at your own pace, and even have a chance to stop at the bar and buy a special drink served to you in an ice glass.

Transport to and from Sorrisniva is not included in the price.

Dates and Times


20-Dec  to  07-Apr



Tour times:

No starting times are currently available for this tour.

More info:

Open Monday-Sunday 12:00-20:00

Closed Dec 24-25


Adults220 kr
Children 12/under60 kr

More info:

Transport not included in price.

Additional Tour Notes

Transport not included. Address: Sorrisniva 20, 9518 Alta Norway


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