AI85: Ice Fishing with Pæskatun

Ice fishing is a fun pastime for many local people during the winter months. That bare and open patch of ground may actually be a corner of a river or lake where the fish tend to congregate during the winter!

Your hosts will collect you from Alta city center and take you out into the nearby countryside to one of the many lakes or rivers that dot and cross the landscape here. They will bring all the gear you need both for fishing as well as for boring down through the ice to get to the open water below. Once at the location, you’ll open a hole in the ice and see what’s biting. With some luck, you might very well pull a tasty prize from the depths below!

The tour includes transport from and back to Alta city center, fishing gear, extra warm clothing as needed, help with fishing as needed, hot beverages and snacks. Please note that as with all nature-based tours, the tour provider cannot guarantee that nature will cooperate and that you will catch fish… but they will give you a good chance for it.

Dates and Times


02-Jan  to  30-Apr



Tour times:

  • 10:00 – 14:00

More info:

Closed March 28th – April 5th. Booking required by 16:00 at least two days before the tour, but call us anyway. There might be space available for today’s outing


Adults1500 kr
Children 12/under750 kr

More info:

Minimum 2 adults

Additional Tour Notes

Included: Pick-up service, transport & driver-guide, hot drinks, soup & bread, snacks and portrait. Available for lending – free of charge: Thermal clothing and shoes.


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