AI46: Two-day Canoe Tour, Alta Canyon

What could be better than a day spent paddling down the Alta River? Two days, beginning in the breathtaking Alta Canyon and winding your way back down towards Alta. Sautso, as the canyon is called locally, is Northern Europe’s largest and is full of wildlife and stunning views, yet its remote location has left it relatively undiscovered by travelers. This tour will take you not just TO Sautso, but INTO Sautso, giving you a rare opportunity to see this area right from the middle of it.

Your hosts will pick you up from Alta city center, and drive you up and out to the edge of Finnmarksvidda, the high mountain plateau that covers much of this northermost part of Norway. If you wish, a tour can be arranged of the dam and power station at the start of the canyon, before you begin your river trip. The actual river trip will begin a couple of kilometers to the south of the dam. The best view of the canyon will be right from your canoe as it glides along through the mostly-calm waters of the upper river. Look for birds including white-tailed eagles as you go, and if you’re lucky you might even spot a moose along the riverbank.

You’ll stop for the night in the high part of the canyon, with a traditional lavvu tent along the river’s edge providing us with shelter and a little shade from the endless daylight. The next day, we will resume our journey down and into the Alta Valley, and back home again.

The tour includes pickup and dropoff from Alta city center, proper instruction and equipment, the boat tour, lunch and dinner on the first day, and breakfast and lunch on the second day. You do not need to be an expert paddler to take part! Handling the canoe will be fully explained, and you will be traveling with experts in their own canoes on this trip. The water level in the river is typically low at this time of the year, and the ride is a mixture of calm water and occasional rapids.

Dates and Times


15-Jun  to  15-Oct



Tour times:

No starting times are currently available for this tour.

More info:

Day 1 begins 14:00; day 2 ends approx. 18:00


Per person3850 kr

Additional Tour Notes

Includes transport from Alta centre, proper instructions and equipment, the boat tour, lunch and dinner on the first day, and breakfast and lunch on the second day.

You do not need to be an expert paddler, handling the canoe will be explained.


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