AI73: Magical Overnight at the Husky Farm

Come join us for a magical overnight stay here at the husky farm. It’s the perfect blend of luxury and wilderness adventure! Make your way to Holmen Husky on your own in the afternoon, and prepare for a fun evening. When it’s time for bed, you’ll head to your tent… but this is no camping tent! Our lavvos are insulated against the winter’s cold, and come with a double bed (with comforters and heated blankets just in case), and a wood-burning stove at one edge of the tent so you can watch the crackling fire as you curl up in bed. One section of the lavvo has been replaced with a floor-to-top window. On clear nights, you can watch the stars travel past overhead, and if you’re lucky you might get a glimpse of our local light show, the Northern Lights! After a restful night, you’ll wake in time for a good breakfast before heading back to Alta and the rest of your journey.

Transport, dinner and other extras are not included in the price, but may be arranged separately if desired – contact us for details. For a full overnight package, compare this to AI12: Dogsledding and Northern Night.

Dates and Times


01-Dec  to  30-Apr



Tour times:

  • 16:00 – 09:30

More info:

(check-in and checkout times)


Per person950 kr
Single supplement300 kr

Additional Tour Notes

Price includes the overnight stay and breakfast.

Transport, dinner, dogsledding, sauna and Jacuzzi are available but not included in the price – contact us for details.

For the full-featured overnight at Holmen, see AI12, above


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If you just want to book this tour without making a whole holiday package, you can also just ask us to book it for you via our contact form.