North Adventure

The Team

Henriette Bismo Eilertsen

General Manager

Company management, Alta cruise project, new tourism initiatives

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Henriette is the manager of North Adventure, responsible for the operation of the company. Since she has the energy of a hurricane, she also manages and provides sales support for the cruise project in Alta, bringing ships into town and arranging for tours and shore services. In addition, she spends a fair amount of time working on other projects and sales efforts that help to raise Alta’s visibility to tourists and bring more of them to the area. She has been in the tourism industry since 2003 in Alta, most recently taking over North Adventure in 2010. She speaks Norwegian and English.

Tanja Handke

Operations Manager

Cruise and office project oversight, bookkeeping, special projects

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Tanja has been with North Adventure since 2008 and has extensive experience with the cruise and individual travel sectors of tourism in Alta. As our Operations Manager, she reviews and checks cruise and individual tour plans and lends insight to new projects. She also handles local invoicing and bookkeeping systems for the company, and occasionally takes on a special project, such as dropping everything to organize tours and transport for Hurtigruten ships that suddenly arrive in Alta when bad weather changes their sailing route. She is originally from Germany and moved to Alta with her family in 2004. She speaks German, Norwegian and English.

Marianne Knutsen

Manager, FIT and Group Sales

Tour packaging and sales, souvenir shop management, social media

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Marianne joined North Adventure in early 2015. She is responsible for setting up and growing our souvenir shop into a popular source of local crafts and handmade items for both visitors and locals. More recently, she has taken on a full-time role as a superstar tour package creator and seller. Whether you are a travel agent or an individual traveler, you are in good hands if Marianne is helping you build and book your tours! In her spare time, she keeps our Instagram and Facebook sites running and full of interesting pictures, stories and events. And she even sometimes convinces people to leave us TripAdvisor reviews! She speaks Norwegian and English.

Jon Matte

Manager, Technology
(and also the "Office Potato")

Software development, IT, guide training, “whatever needs doing”

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Jon began working for North Adventure in 2014. He writes software and mobile apps and also provides IT support for the office. As the company’s “potato”, he spends his time doing a little of almost everything else. He does individual and travel agent package sales; trains our new guides every year and does some of his own tour guiding now and then; works with visiting cruise ships; writes marketing text, helps develop new products to sell, and… yeah, we’ll stop, it’s boring. He likes to help the rest of the team stay motivated with games like, “Hide This Invoice For Tanja On My Desk” and “Here’s a Joke That Only I Find Funny”. An expatriate American, he speaks reasonably good English and bravely pretends to speak Norwegian… well enough that natives tell him politely that he is slightly above average.

Anne Britt Kåven

Manager, Cruise Visits

Cruise visit management, cruise dispatch, special projects

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Anne Britt has worked for North Adventure since 2003 and has been a part of all parts of its operation since then. Her first assignment was working in the tourist office, and now she has responsibility for planning and management for the cruise traffic that comes to Alta. She keeps track of the ever-changing list of excursions for each ship, routes information from ship to activity suppliers and back again, and builds and coordinates the logistics involving tours and passengers, buses, guides, supplier locations and timetables. If this were not enough, she also leads the cruise dispatch team that spends the day on the pier, routing guests onto buses, counting passengers, and keeping track of where all the buses and guides are at any given moment. When there is a lull in cruise traffic, she works on sales-related projects (and cruise ships for next season). Anne Britt has a bachelor’s degree in tourism from UIT university in Alta. She divides her time between Alta (when things are busy) and her home in nearby Hasvik. She speaks Norwegian and English.

Karianne Wold Melo

Manager, Front Office

Sales and bookkeeping, cruise-day activities

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Karianne was hired by North Adventure in 2019 to take over management of the tourist office and souvenir shop from Marianne. Along with sales and helpful advice for visitors, she is continuing the work to upgrade and improve the offerings in the souvenir shop, and is improving the efficiency of the bookkeeping processes there. On days when cruise ships are in town, she works in the tourist office, keeps track of shuttle bus activity, and is ready to help out with whatever surprises those days always bring. She speaks Norwegian and English.

Morten Nilsen

North Adventure Apprentice

Cruise planning, cruise dispatch, guiding, potato-in-training

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Morten began working for North Adventure in 2018. He is officially our apprentice, but if that sounds like somebody who spends the day making coffee and reminding Jon where he left his gloves, think again! When there are no cruise ships on the way, Morten spends his time doing whatever is needed, whether that is guiding a tour, helping someone in the tourist office, writing tour documentation, or carrying something heavy from point A to point B. His specialty, however, is working as part of the cruise dispatch team. He has responsibility along with Anne Britt for managing buses, tours, guides, tickets, passengers and timetables whenever there is a ship in town, and regularly puts in extra-long days in the office and down at the pier to make sure things happen the way they should. Even though the days… and nights… and everything in between can be long, Morten always stays positive. His motto: “I’m happy as long as the guests leave Alta with a big smile”. He speaks Norwegian and English.

Helpers On Demand

Guides, Cruise Dispatchers, Summer Help and More

North Adventure employs a small full-time staff year-round (the ones above, yes). We are very flexible and agile as a company and as workers, and our special structure allows us to quickly jump from priority to priority, giving outstanding service whether we are working with a cruise ship, a tour group, meeting a couple at the airport or any of the many other things we do to make holidays in Alta a success.

But we also know our limits, and we have a strong backup force ready to help out when things become extra-busy. During peak cruise ship season we manage a roster of some of Norway’s best guides, and bring in extra help to handle the massive job of managing guides, buses and tours for the ships that visit us. We can also reach out to add extra temporary staff to the tourist office and Northern Lights Cathedral to ensure that those sites run smoothly no matter how busy the town gets.

It’s a great system because it allows us to stay competetive as a company while also expanding to serve a much bigger customer flow than one might think possible given our small numbers.