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As of now, Alta is open for business during the pandemic.

Travel here from other countries, however, is not certain or always possible. If you are able to visit us, we have tours for you!

And of course, regulations for travel and business can change at any time. Check with us for the latest news!

Here, you will find most of the tours and activities available in the Alta area.  Use the filters on the left to narrow your search (there are literally dozens of activities and offers throughout the year), and click on any of the titles or pictures to get a detailed description for any of the tours. The catalog does not contain a full array of dining, accommodation or transportation choices, but we are ready to build holiday packages for you that include all that (have we mentioned that we have an easy way for you to ask for a holiday package from us?  Yes… yes we have!)

Some of these activities are guided tours that North Adventure exclusively provides. Many others are adventures provided by some of the local suppliers in the region. We work closely with – and talk regularly with – most of the local providers in Alta, and we offer their tours because they share our commitment to providing world-class holidays to visitors.

If you would like to book a tour, it’s easy enough to use our contact page and send us a request. Some of the tours can be booked directly online, and you will find booking links for those tours in the detailed descriptions. In Alta, we offer the same retail prices as the suppliers we sell, so there’s no price advantage to booking one place or another.  Just remember… the more we book for you, the more items we will keep track of and stand ready to help with if something isn’t working just right!

AI01: Hunting the Northern Lights with GLØD Explorer

Head outside of Alta in search of the Northern Lights. Your guides will help pick the spot most likely to have good viewing conditions, help you with camera settings, and provide a cosy environment while you wait.

Prices from NOK 1680 per person

AIS01: Sami Experience in Maze (private tour)

Ride out with your guide to the Sami village of Maze. Spend time with a reindeer-herding family – just you and them – and learn about their old traditions and modern life.

Prices from NOK 3650 per person

AI02A: Spend one night in the world’s northernmost ice hotel, Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel

Journey to the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel. Marvel at the magical ice building (built entirely new every year). Be one of the lucky few to spend a night at the hotel… but don’t worry about the cold! Warm sleeping bags and reindeer hides will make your stay delightful!

Prices from NOK 2360 per person

AIS02: Private Tour to Alta Canyon and Power Station

Journey to Northern Europe’s largest canyon. Stop for photos, and then head in for a tour of the Alta Dam and Power Station. Learn about the construction of the dam, and the controversy over its construction that divided the town and gave the Sami people a national spotlight.

Prices from NOK 1500 per person

AI03: Ice magic – Visit the unique and one of a kind ice hotel

Norway’s largest igloo hotel. An amazing building of ice and snow, with suites, individual rooms, chapel, bar and several lounges. The hotel is decorated with ice sculptures, which are exquisite works of art. The changing themes every year ensure a unique experience.

Prices from NOK 220 per person

AI04: 2,5 Hours Snowmobile Tour from Sorrisniva and Visit the Igloo Hotel

Travel outside of Alta to Sorrisniva. Take control of a snowmobile and head out into the wild Finnmarksvidda high plateau. After the ride, tour the elegant and magical Igloo Hotel, a 30-room hotel made entirely of snow and ice!

Prices from NOK 1900 per person

AI06/7: Dinner at Sorrisniva

Sorrisniva has more than just an igloo hotel! Head out in the evening for a delicious two-course dinner at the Laksestua restaurant, prepared by one of the country’s award-winning chefs using local flavors and ingredients.

Prices from NOK 775 per person

AIS07: Private Tour, North Cape

Treat yourself to a North Cape tour without large buses and transit schedules! Travel to North Cape by private car with an expert guide. Celebrate your arrival at the “beginning of the world” with sparkling wine and a certificate. Explore the fascinating exhibits at the visitor center, and then return to Alta over the wild Finnmarksvidda mountain plain.

Prices from NOK 4490 per person

AIS09: Winter Tour of Alta

Take a personal, private tour through Alta. See the Alta Museum and its fascinating, mysterious outdoor rock carvings. Step inside the remarkable Northern Lights Cathedral and adjacent BorealisAlta aurora exhibit. See other landmarks around Alta, with time for pictures. And all the while, your guide will give you insights into the places you visit, and life in Alta.

Prices from NOK 1750 per person

AI10: Dogsledding Along the Alta River

Join a kennel full of friendly husky dogs on the outskirts of Alta. Either drive or ride as a passenger through the beautiful farm and forest land along the Alta River. When you return, visit the dogs for lots of attention and pictures.

Prices from NOK 1590 per person

AI12: Northern Night with Huskies

Come out to a husky farm for an extended array of activities. Dinner, sauna and jacuzzi will give you the perfect end to your day. The custom lavvo tents with comfortable beds, wood stove and floor-to-top windows are a cozy and exciting way to spend the night. Breakfast the next morning will get you ready to start your next adventure, which just happens to be dogsledding! Great food, fun activities – it’s life at the “speed of arctic”.

Prices from NOK 3730 per person

AIS12: Dog Sledding Adventure

A personal, private tour with an active professional dog musher – you’ll have a fun dogsled tour AND help train a racing dog team all at the same time.

Prices from NOK 1995 per person

AI13: A Taste of Dogsledding

The emphasis here is on participation! Your hosts, expert and active professional dog mushers, provide the instruction and you do the work to prepare your team, and then head out into the wilderness for a delightful ride through the snowy forest and along the river.

Prices from NOK 1525 per person

AI16: Snowshoe Hike and Ice Fishing With Arctic Lunch

Hike on snowshoes or take skis out into the arctic wilderness. Stride through the pine forest, look for animal tracks, and try your hand at ice fishing. Enjoy a delicious meal cooked over an open fire. It’s a classic Norwegian outdoor experience.

Prices from NOK 1490 per person

AI17: World Heritage Rock Art Centre – Alta Museum

Alta Museum features exhibitions on rock art in Alta and other cultural history exhibitions on themes such as the Northern Lights, angling and Alta’s general history. Other temporary exhibitions and art exhibitions. Café with a panoramic view over the Alta Fjord. Souvenir shop with local products. Guided tours for groups by prior arrangement.

Prices from NOK 85 per person

AI23: Northern Lights Safari with Pæskatun

Sami Adventure in Maxe (with snacks)

Prices from NOK 1500 per person

AI25: Fatbike day trip

Fatbikes are the latest outdoor adventure here in Alta: mountain bikes with extra-wide tires, perfect for trails and hillsides covered in snow! Your guides will assess your fitness level and cycling experience, and then you’ll head out to explore dogsled and snowmobile trails around Alta in a unique and exciting way.

Prices from NOK 1150 per person

AI26: Fatbike Evening Trip

Take on the winter landscape on a fatbike – a mountain bike with super-wide tires perfect for snow. Your guides will assess your fitness level and cycling experience, and then you’ll head out to explore dogsled and snowmobile trails around Alta. Powerful headlamps will light your way as you ride in the evening gloom or darkness.

Prices from NOK 1250 per person

AI28: Fatbike Rental

Want to head out on your own into the snowy wilderness for a day trip? If you don’t need a guide, but you do need a fatbike, we can connect you to a local operator here in Alta that can rent you everything for your fatbike outing by the day.

Prices from NOK 600 per person

AI29: Family adventure – dog and sled

Dogsledding isn’t just for grownups! Combine a fun dogsled ride to the best tobagganing hill around Alta. After some people-sledding excitement, take a break for a homemade lunch before taking the dogsleds back to your starting point.

Prices from NOK 1525 per person

AI34: Northern Lights Tour with Sorrisniva Safari

Join Sorrisniva’s guide and minibus and head out to hunt for the aurora.  The local weather and aurora forecasts help identify the best spots to search  – Sorrisniva will take you there!

Prices from NOK 1495 per person

AI36: Dogsled Day Trip

If you have a deep interest in dogsledding but don’t have so much time, sign up for a full-day dogsledding experience with us. We will take you out into the arctic wildernes for an extended tour; you’ll get extra time to experience this exciting sport without having to commit several days for the activity.

Prices from NOK 2475 per person

AI40: Full Day Snowmobile Safari on the Arctic Tundra

Experience the beauty of the arctic along with the power and speed of a snowmobile. This is an extended tour out into the Finnmarksvidda plateau that will give you more than just a taste of snowmobile excitement.

Prices from NOK 3850 per person

AI68: 1.5 hours Sami Reindeer sled tour at Sorrisniva

Come out to Sorrisniva and take a peaceful and enjoyable reindeer sled ride through the forest with your Sami guide.

Prices from NOK 1195 per person

AI69: 2.5 hours Sami Reindeer sled tour looking for the Northern Lights at Sorrisniva

Come out to Sorrisniva and meet reindeer and a Sami family.  Learn about the old days and old ways of their culture, take a fun reindeer ride, and maybe… the Northern Lights!

Prices from NOK 1595 per person

AI74: Snowmobile Safari into the Remote Arctic Plateau – Beaskades

Drive onto the remote Finnmarksvidda mountain plateau, one of Europe’s last wilderness areas. You will create memories to last a lifetime!

Prices from NOK 2695 per person

AI75: Day Trip by Snowmobile

Take a day trip out into the Finnmarksvidda plateau by snowmobile. The extended tour will give you plenty of time to explore and just experience the wild arctic frontier.

Prices from NOK 2750 per person

AI77: Snowmobile Safari

Journey outside of Alta to Storekorsnes, a little coastal town, and take a delightful snowmobile tour into the wilderness. Day and evening tours provide different experiences.

Prices from NOK 2950 per person

AI78: Snowshoe Safari

Journey outside of Alta to Storekornes and take a snowshoe hike out into the wilderness. Look for wildlife on the daytime tour, and keep an eye out for the northern lights in the evening.

Prices from NOK 2150 per person

AI80: Fishing in Alta Fjord

Any kind of fishing is fun. Fishing amid spectacular arctic scenery? Exciting memories that will stay with you for a long time. Convenient departure direct from Alta’s main harbor.

Prices from NOK 1990 per person

AI81: Adventure Cruise on Alta Fjord

Take a half day and tour the Alta Fjord aboard a local boat. Explore both the history and current beauty of this far north waterway. Departs right from Alta’s main harbor.

Prices from NOK 1990 per person

AI84: 4 hours snowmobile tour from Sorrisniva and visit Jotka Mountain Lodge, incl lunch

Feel the thrill driving through varied landscape in the forest, over the wide white expanse and over frozen lakes up to the mountain lodge. The view is magnificent and the thrill of driving such a fun vehicle is exhilarating!

Prices from NOK 3000 per person

AI85: Ice Fishing with Pæskatun

It may be winter but the fish are still out there.  Your host will take you on a quest to find them at one of the many excellent ice-fishing spots in the area around Alta.

Prices from NOK 1400 per person

AI87: Leisurely Northern Lights Hunt with Alta Event

Travel to a comfortable Northern Lights center outside of Alta and spend a cozy, low-key evening waiting for and (when they appear) enjoying or photographing the northern lights. A perfect choice for those who don’t want the faster pace of an active “chase” style tour.

Prices from NOK 1100 per person

AI95: Take a Break from Winter

Spend a little warm time in the middle of your winter arctic holiday. Take a break from winter and go play in Alta’s biggest (and only) swim center.

Prices from NOK 150 per person

AI107: Snowshoes and Husky

Trek through the Alta River valley on snowshoes in the company of your guide and Alaskan Husky companion. Learn about the area and the history of the Alta River along the way, and keep an eye open for animal tracks and maybe even the creatures that made them!

Prices from NOK 1150 per person

AI112: Overnight at Stengelsengården

Stengelsengården is a fishing lodge with an elegant and peaceful atmosphere, and may be the perfect base for your Finnmark adventure. Relax by the fire after a long day out in the snow, take a timeout in the sauna, or take a quiet walk along the river.

Prices from NOK 950 per person

AI113: Winter Sampler at Storekorsnes

This is your chance to try out a variety of different activities, all in one delightful place. A driving tour along a beautiful coastline, snowshoes, snowmobiles, even some downhill sledding. Add a delicious lunch and it’s a perfect day in the arctic!

Prices from NOK 2950 per person

AI114: Alpine Skiing Under Arctic Light

Ski and snowboard down the slopes under the arctic sky. If you want to challenge yourself we have lots of trails. When it’s time for a break, recharge with refreshments in our café at the base of the hill or at the Bjørnehiet cabin at the top.

Prices from NOK 950 per person

AI117: Try Skiing with Pæskatun

Never tried Nordic classic skiing before? (Also called “cross-country” in some places). Come give it a try with us!

Prices from NOK 1500 per person

AI123: Whale Safari at Storekorsnes

Take a small boat out from the tiny fishing community of Storekorsnes, head out into Alta Fjord with your guide, and go search for whales!

Prices from NOK 2950 per person

AI124: Whale Watching in Alta

Hop onto your boat right in downtown Alta – it’s a small, personal tour that will take you out onto the fjord to search for whales.

Prices from NOK 1990 per person

AI129: Sleigh Ride in the Arctic Countryside

A sleigh pulled by a sturdy Norwegian draft horse, a winter wonderland around you… whether a romantic tour or just fun with friends, enjoy the arctic outdoors in style!

Prices from NOK 1550 per person

AI130: Sleigh Ride Under the Northern Lights

Take a ride under the night sky in a sleigh pulled by a strong and friendly farm horse. Dinner is waiting by the fire, and you might even see the northern lights overhead!

Prices from NOK 2095 per person

AI132: Explore the Sami Culture

Gain insight into the Sami culture, and at the same time experience the mighty Finnmarksvidda mountain plateau in fall and winter, with a visit to the small town of Kautokeino.

Prices from NOK 3490 per person

AI133: Hunting the Northern Lights by Car

This Northern Lights tour takes you out of Alta city centre, far from the city lights to observe this fascinating natural phenomenon. We search for the Northern Lights by heading to secluded areas only accessible by car and local knowledge. Groups are small and private.

Prices from NOK 1545 per person

AI134: Northern Lights Chase in a Small Group

Go out hunting for the aurora with local experts. This is the ideal tour if you want to chase the Northern Lights in a small group with personal service!

Prices from NOK 1550 per person

AI135: Reindeer Ride Along the Alta River

Enjoy a traditional reindeer sled ride along the beautiful Alta River, and learn more about the old life of the Sami people here in the north.

Prices from NOK 1190 per person

AI150: Snowshoeing and Ice Fishing in the Arctic – Plus Lunch

Never tried ice fishing? Come discover the special combination of fun and tranquility in the nearby arctic wilderness.

Prices from NOK 1150 per person

AI151: Fjord Safari by RIB

Prices from NOK 990 per person

AI154: Fjord and Whale Safari

Prices from NOK 1850 per person

AI158: Finnmarksvidda by Snowmobile – Discover the Arctic Wilderness

Ride out from the edge of Alta right into the arctic wilderness. Beginners and experts alike are welcome – hop on your scooter and take off on an adventure to the middle of… well, nowhere!

Prices from NOK 1990 per person

AI159: Finnmarksvidda by Snowmobile – Day Trip

Ride out from the edge of Alta right into the arctic wilderness on an extended day trip. You’ll be doing what half of Alta is wishing they could be doing while they sit at work!

Prices from NOK 3400 per person

AI162: King Crab in Alta

Prices from NOK 1990 per person

AI163: Snowshoes in the Arctic

Prices from NOK 1100 per person

AI164: Simple Arctic Fun

Prices from NOK 600 per person

AI178: Sleigh Ride – Experience the Arctic Farm Life

Prices from NOK 1490 per person

AI179: 2 hours Ice Sculpting and Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel Visit

Prices from NOK 895 per person

AI180: Dog Sleighing in the Arctic Countryside

Prices from NOK 1550 per person

AI181: Dog Sleighing Under the Northern Lights

Prices from NOK 2095 per person

AI182: Horseback Riding

Prices from NOK 1550 per person

AI183: Hunting the Northern Lights

Prices from NOK 1550 per person

AI184: Sleigh Ride, the Dining Experience

Prices from NOK 1895 per person

AI185: Cool Fatbike tour

Snow biking on a fatbike has become very popular in Norway. If you haven’t tried yet, you get the chance in the Northern Lights town of Alta.

Prices from NOK 1400 per person