Why use

North adventure instead of booking yourself?

You need to maximize your time selling to customers.

Somebody wants to travel to Alta!  So now you can start the booking process… wait, they want customizations. Now you can spend a lot of time building a custom package.

Send a bunch of emails to different suppliers and wait to hear back from them. And then send emails to the ones who didn’t answer right away.

Jump right onto your agent portals into six different booking systems and make reservations. Then discover that one supplier doesn’t have availability for one day, so you need to go into all those agent portals and change the reservations to different days and times.

OR… you can send us an email and ask us to build a custom package and give you a simple net price.  Then go do something else while we do all that work to build and book.

You need to have attractive choices that also match what your customers need.

What accommodations and activities do you offer?  Only the three you saw on a fam trip two or three years ago?  Some of your competitors are offering that cool, new hotel on the edge of the wilderness that you might not have even heard about yet.

Did you know that the owner of one of the activity companies you use retired six months ago and what’s left of their company now has a really bad local reputation?  Do you really want to find that out through customers you send there?

Your customers want dogsledding. What kind?  Just passenger?  A little driving?  A full hands-on experience?  A more extreme experience with a professional musher?  Which companies specialize in all of those?  We know.

We are an independent local company. We know what’s new, what’s good and what is not doing so well, and we choose the right supplier for your customers. Our goal is to make the best possible tour for your guests – the same goal that you have! – and that is the foundation that we use for building our tour packages.

You need happy customers.

If everything goes right, your guests will really enjoy their stay here. But what if their luggage doesn’t arrive at the airport – will you be there to help them with the claim, and make sure the luggage gets to the hotel later in the evening? What if they lose track of time at dinner and arrive 15 minutes late for their northern lights tour pickup, and the supplier has already left? Will you be available to call the supplier and tell them, “Hang on, we’re bringing you the two guests that missed their pickup”? If the weather is bad and something gets canceled, is there another activity you could suggest on the spur of the moment so their day is not a loss?

North Adventure is “tour insurance” right here in town. We’re not just a customer service number – we are right in the loop with the guests and suppliers, working as best we can to prevent problems and fix the ones that do occur.

What we can provdide for you

  • Net rates for Alta activities, often the same rates that you get by going direct to them


  • One simple invoice to you for everything, instead of ten different invoices from six different booking systems


  • We don’t compete against you for the tours we make for you – we don’t publish or quote direct to customers for the same packages we give you


  • Fast service – yes, it’s possible in northern Norway! – and a genuine effort to help you make your sales

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We will help you find best tours and activities for both you and your customers! Send us an email today, call us or use our contact form, and we will help you.